My Dream Business


“Your my sprinkles on my Ice Cream


I want to put up a business which is more related on sweet treats. A lot of people can not resist sweets. In fact eating sweets makes them feel young again. Good old memories will suddenly flushed again when they taste something sweet. Perhaps, their first love, achievements in life, sorrowful days, old friends and etc. Well as you notice all occasions have something sweet treats on the table. People define it sweet success or sweet memories. 

What are the sweet treats I want to offer if I have my own food business?

“There are so many sweet things in life…”

What are the other extra food to offer aside from Ice Cream and Frappe?

Well, espero que si! I  would like to add some burger, french fries, tacos, fruit juice, , cheesy onion rings, spicy buffalo wings and Filipino street foods.

In addition, if my business very clique to all my future customers. I would also like to make a t-shirt design about sweet treats and sell it to them. The store is also good for date reservation. We’ll encourage couples to come and make a reservation.

What will be the color of your store?


This is only a dream business. If I have enough penny to create my own store. I will be so happy and satisfied. Earning my own penny while giving happiness to others is something glorious feeling ever. Just one smile from my future customers “effort is well paid off”. 

Credits: Images here are from Pinterest. I do not own them.